Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Cornerstone Properties Holdings Limited (“CPHL”) has amassed an abundance of expertise in asset management, real estate investments and property developments, with the purpose of understanding and attaining the investment goals of our clients. With the passage of time, the company is committed to offer prudent financial solutions while striving for constant innovations and high standard of corporate social responsibilities.

Our Values
Professionalism, Integrity, Innovation, Vision, Excellence

CPHL has always gathered top asset management talents in the industry. Our team possesses valuable practical experience and have an in-depth knowledge on Hong Kong’s real estate and asset markets. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and seek to pursue as well as demonstrate excellence through offering professional services to our clients. 



Integrity plays an important part of our code of conduct. At CPHL, we continue to abide to this code of conduct to our faithful partners and clients. We carefully analyze market conditions to formulate the most suitable solutions for our clients. We aim to achieve sustainable development by maximizing the long-term value of our clients’ investments.



We constantly examine issues from different perspectives to come up with innovative solutions. Paying attention to details is one of the ways to enhance our capabilities. We respect different opinions, and often challenge traditions, because we appreciate innovation and are open to creative ideas.



Our long-term investment horizon comes from a mindset borne by the company’s heritage and a culture founded in the commitment of our people. We believe that success derived from detailed planning, continual improvement and an informed view of the social and environmental impact of our developments over time.



The ensured quality of our investment services and premium real estate projects reflects the ability and heritage of CPHL. We take pride in what we do and what we make possible. We are dedicated to bring the highest quality of services and products to our clients by implementing our market expertise. For us, excellence is more than a value; it is a discipline and a way for making the world a better place.