Moving forward amidst adversity by lending a helping hand - Pok Oi Hospital

(31st March 2022) Cornerstone Properties Holdings Limited has donated anti-epidemic supplies to Pok Oi Hospital and Yuen Long Anti-Epidemic Concern Group recently.


Hong Kong is facing unprecedented and daunting challenges as the city is battling with COVID-19's fifth wave, characterized by a large number of confirmed cases and a shortage of medical resources. Despite being separated by the social distancing requirement, the pandemic has only deepened the love and care we have for one another during such period of difficult time.


Together with several concerned organizations, Mr. Larry YEUNG from Cornerstone Properties had donated 100,000 alcohol-based hand sanitizers to the Pok Oi Hospital and the Yuen Long Anti-Epidemic Concern Group on March 31st, 2022.  Mr. FONG Chun Man, Director of Pok Oi Hospital is responsible for distributing materials to benefit residents in Yuen Long District and certain government agencies. 


Mr. Yeung hopes to support the affected communities and solve the imminent needs of the residents of Yuen Long District by such donation. Likewise, he believes that with the concerted efforts and co-operation of all sectors of the community, we will finally overcome this epidemic in the near future.