Taishan Charitable Association Limited - Donation of premium fragrant rice 2022

Hong Kong has endured three years of an unprecedented pandemic. COVID-19 has deeply impacted everyone. The city now battles the sixth and most severe outbreak of the virus. Much of the population has fallen sick, while some are also left with reduced income due their days of absence. Furthermore, with the significant inflated prices across most commodities, low-income families are now struggling to afford food to put on the table.


In view of the adversity facing by the community due to Covid-19, Cornerstone Properties donated 15 tons of premium fragrant rice to Taishan Charitable Association Limited during Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 for the underprivileged or individuals in need.


The goal is to encourage more people to care about the physical and mental needs of persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, send more support and care, and build a better community together.